design as a process:


you'll have thought about what it is you need and want when we first discuss your project, but there is always a lot more than you may have initially thought about that will form the basis of the brief 

the two elements that you will already be thinking about are

what is it that you want to achieve

what is a reasonable budget for you

this will be progressed to include:

a feel that you wll love to live in

the efficiency of the spaces to be created

what will be required to receive planning consent

how the design will be constructed to achieve energy efficency and budget effectiveness

this is just a snapshot, there will be more to discuss, but this list gives you an idea of what will formulate the brief and to start the process towards a fulfilling outcome

concept design

sketch copy.jpg

initially you will be presented with concept sketches of your new house, renovation or retail space

additionally, there can be sample boards of proposed materials for the external building + the interior design

these will be discussed in detail to ensure that all criteria of the brief have been met, and any amendments needed can be undertaken

detailed design 

'god is in the details'  Mies Van Der Roe

once you have approved the concept, the design is developed to the incorporate the services required and the set-out, connections + junctions between building elements and the selected fittings, materials + finishes

a lot of these may have never thought about before, but they are the elements that ensure a well finished construction

this is presented in 2D 'working dawings', and the finished result can be shown with material samples or images of similar details in other projects

planning consent

no matter where you live, there is a regulatory framework which will govern aspects of the design + build and will set out a pathway for compliance 

the pathway can be onerous, or not: regardless, cdl design will assisit at all stages of the submission + negotiation 

cdl design will advise on the external consultants required for complete submissions to the regulatory bodies, and coordinate their work with the design

construction documentation


the construction documentation develops the design with specifications + schedules of all the selected fittings, materials + finishes, and the external consutants work to provide the building contractor with a set of documentation that is comprehensive and leaves the minimum to chance

excellent design, comprehensive documentation + professional project management are the cornerstones to a  sucessful project